Eyelashes Lifting

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The eyelash lift consists of lifting them and blackening them, the best thing? That they are yours, you do not wear anything alien, so you do not run the risk of being left with three tabs, or that they fall off.

“It is a treatment that elevates the curvature of your eyelashes, highlighting the expression of the look and lengthening the eyelashes from the roots, without using synthetic hair. It is achieved thanks to silicone pads that fit the eyelid and, instead of” bending the hair “, stretches and lifts it towards the tip, to its maximum point. It is a comfortable, easy, fast, odorless and painless system”.

The results: an effect of greater length and thickness, reaching all hairs, immediately. The approximate duration is one to two months and does not need replacement.

And it is totally true, we have witnessed the comfort of the treatment. It has lasted us more than two months and we have been able to do them without problem.

You can also apply eyelash tint as it provides greater intensity and depth to the look, especially if your eyelashes are blonde or have lost pigmentation. The secret is the oxygenating agent that provides the greatest effectiveness. In addition, it will not harm your eyelash in any way. They do not fall off, when you lift them it seems that you have many more and more intense lashes.

Article by Nails & More